Kräutergarten der Stadt Kaub

Schlossweg, 56349 Kaub

The small herb garden, located at the beginning of the Gutenfelssteig ,was planted in honor of Johann Wonnecke von Cube (born in Kaub in 1430) and has medicinal plants that he mentioned in one of his books and also some that are found in today's herb gardens.

Kaub Herb Garden - Garden of Health. The small herb garden was created in memory of Johann Wonnecke von Cube, called Johann von Cuba. Johann von Cube was born around 1430 in Cube (Kaub). A doctor of medicine, he practiced in Mainz and Frankfurt, later as personal physician to Adolf III in Nassau, as well as to Count Palatine Frederick I, and later as city physician in Frankfurt.

Johann von Cube wrote the first herbal book illustrated with woodcuts, the "Hortus samitatis" (Garden of Health). The herbal book was written in German language and included the whole medieval medicinal treasure. In the lower part of the garden there are several plants described by Johann von Cube in the "Hortus samitatis". In addition, you find numerous herbs growing in the herb garden as they are found in herb gardens today.

The herb garden is located at the beginning of the Gutenfelssteig, which leads through the newly planted vineyard "Gutenfels".

Information boards along the cultural trail provide information about geography, viticulture, the history of Kaub with its old fortified towers and Gutenfels Castle.

Address: Schlossweg, Kaub

Size: approx. 200m²

Opening hours: freely accessible

Guided tours: not possible

Entrance fee: the entrance is free

Information: there are information boards and plant signs in the garden

Gastronomy: is available in the place itself

Parking: Kaub

By train: Kaub train station to the youth hostel, then take the steep footpath to the Schlossweg- and then the stairs Kulturweg "Gutenfelssteig". Approx.20 minutes

Kräutergarten der Stadt Kaub

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56349 Kaub Schlossweg
Kräutergarten der Stadt Kaub
56349 Kaub

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